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What is matched betting and how it works?

What is matched betting? Simply put, matched betting is a way to earn cash using the bookmakers’ sign up offers. It is completely tax free and risk free, making it a fantastic way to make some serious cash.

How it works:

Sign up to a bookmaker who has a sign up offer.

Place your qualifying bet.

Lay your qualifying bet at a betting exchange – this means betting that your qualifying bet’s outcome won’t happen. For example, if you bet on Liverpool to win, your lay bet is that Liverpool won’t win. Note: it isn’t that Liverpool will lose, but that they won’t win.

what is matched betting

After your qualifying bet has settled, you will have made a small loss. This is completely fine and what we expect to happen.

The bookmaker will then give you their free sign up offer money, in the form of a free bet. Following the same process as above (placing your bet and laying it), you should then walk away with anything from 80%+ of your free bet. That means if your free bet was £50, you should be walking away with £40+ (also accounting for your small qualifying loss).

Repeating this process across all the bookmakers that have sign up offers should see you earning around £2,000 in profit.

what is matched betting

New offers daily

You might think that once you have completed the sign up offers there aren’t any more ways to make money from matched betting – but this is wrong. There are new offers added daily and a variety of ways to continue with your matched betting journey, whether it be reloading offers, risk free bets, refunds, casino offers and many more.

How much cash you need to start out with

You can get started with about £60 – this will be enough to let you do your first couple of offers. The more money you have to start out with then the faster you can make money and the more money you can make. I started with a few hundred pounds and then quickly upped it to £1,000 when I saw what an impact having a bigger bank would have.

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