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Remembering Leonard Cohen: The Legendary Poet and Musician

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in…

Thus, because of the presence of such lyrics, Leonard Cohen’s songs captivated so many souls!

Born in the city of West mount in Quebec, Canada, Cohen was one of the legendary artists of this century. He was not a singer; he was not a poet. Instead, he was the weaver of music,painter of words.

Well, while contemplating on his journey, we can see so many milestones that he had set with his unique creations. To help you dive into his notable odyssey, here’s a list of his few masterpieces.

  • Suzanne

You want to travel with her; you want to travel blind…

Suzanne is one of the critically acclaimed songs from his album, “Songs of Leonard Cohen”. Without a doubt, this composition is his best-known works which can be described as hauntingly beautiful.

Cohen always had an attraction towards the darker sides,and he efficaciously shrouded his lyrics and poems with this mystifying force. Through the central character of this song, Suzanne, he portrayed the beautiful story between two lovers who unite due to natural attraction and drifts apart due to the same logical reason. It beautifully describes the emotional connection between two souls.

The lyrical poem dipped in the mesmerizing melody casts a trance to the listeners. In short, listen to this piece to make all the other deduction.

  • Famous Blue Raincoat

I thought it was there for good so I never tried…

Another reflection of his melancholic affairs, famous blue raincoat hits the lists. This one comes from the album “Songs of Love and Hate”. Envisaging the lyrics, you will get a seemingly depressive person writing a letter to a “brother”. The complexities of this lyrics reflect his troubled state of mind, and perhaps this is the reason he could paint such a vivid picture of a chilly morning, station and all the scenes that follow.

Coming to the music, the gloominess strikes the right chord in the heart. Would love to describe it as heart-achingly beautiful. Do give it a listen and you will get the author’s anticipation.

Well, there are numerous songs that one would like to mention, but let’s focus to the last album of Leonard Cohen– You Want It Darker.

This particular album comprises nine songs which are the portrayal of the matured maestro. Songs from this album revolve around god, death and humor. On a sharp contrast, you can distinguish between the voice that you once heard in Suzanne and then this album. The voice has become more matured and intense. The lyrics – mellowed.

Besides being a musician, Cohen penned down words that are everlasting in its purest sense. To describe his writings and song is like attempting to gauge the sea. However, the purpose of this write-up is to take a glance at the cover, before plunging into the deep old sea. People may come and go, but maestros like Leonard Cohen will continue their journey with their eternal creations.

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