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Pokemon Necklace Couple for Pokemon fans

Are you and your partner a pokemon fan?! Yes!! Then pokemon necklace couple is the perfect gift for two of you. You can also surprise your partner with this beautiful necklace. And if your friends and family members are a fan of pokemon then you can also gift this beautiful pokemon necklace to them.

 Pokémon couple necklaces

Specification of the necklace:

  • It is Pokeball half and full necklace
  • It is a fashion jewelry 
  • It is a pendant necklace-type
  • Length depends upon the sizing of different styles
  • It is made up of zinc alloy
  • The idea of the necklace is animal pattern
  • Both male and female can style it
  • The material is acrylic 
  • The chain type is link chain
  • You can style this in a costume party, exhibition, fashion show and if your heart wants to experiment and just want to ditch your comfort zone for some time then you can also wear it in meetings, festivals and wherever and whenever you want.

It comes with two chains and you can divide the locket into two parts, as it comes with a magnetic lock. So, you can wear half part of the pendant and gift another to your partner. It is made up of high quality and comes in great size as a pendant is neither so big nor so small. The size of the pendant is 50mm which is approximately 1.97 inch, it can be the perfect size for both males and females.

 Pokémon couple necklaces

Nowadays, animal print is in trend, and pokemon can be your best friend. You can style it with anything as the color of the necklace is a mix of red, white and black which can complement any outfit. And there is no harm in going with trends sometimes!! This necklace can make you stand out in the public and parties!!

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