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Phenibut | How often you should take it?

Very many testify that tolerance is quickly built up against Phenibut. So it’s NOT ABSOLUTE something you take every or every other day. About 2 times a week is usually said to be just right, maybe it works with 3 times, but then you will quickly feel that the effects are decreasing. I felt that the tolerance was slowly but surely built up when I used it twice a week. Now I use it once a week and it works very well.

phenibut effects

Phenibut and sleep

As I mentioned above, the preparation can also help with insomnia. If you are going to use it to fall asleep, you should take very high doses, over 4 grams. However, there is nothing I personally recommend.

I tested once to take 4+ grams. Since it takes quite some time before the effects come, it would have been late at night. But when the effects well kicked in, I got really tired and fell asleep. The problem was that I then slept for about 13 hours and woke up late in the afternoon. Having taken Phenibut, the body really wants to sleep out, to take it and sleep a little one night can be very difficult. The best thing is to take it when you are very well rested.


If there are any disadvantages or side effects of Phenibut, you may be wondering. Short answer is, no . It is a very harmless preparation with almost only positive effects. Unlike many other drugs, such as alcohol, one has no “backfill”. On the contrary, you often feel very good the day after you have taken it. As I mentioned earlier, I usually feel the best the day after I took Phenibut.

phenibut effects

But if I am going to take up some worse things with Phenibut, it is the following:

It is a “drug” and you can become addicted. However, I personally have not known of any dependence at all. Have been without it for 10 months just without worrying.

It is not possible to obtain domestic. However, the only disadvantage of buying foreign goods is that the freight costs a little more and takes a few days extra.

If you get a little sleep after taking Phenibut, you can be very start-up and tired in the morning, however, it later releases just like normal fatigue.

Phenibut and sex

As mentioned, the subject has only a lot of positive and relaxing effects. Something that really gets better if you are relaxed is sex, so the question is then if the preparation can increase the pleasure in the bed straw? The answer is YES it can! Having sex with Phenibut in the body can be really magical. I personally am the guy so can’t know how it feels for girls, but what I have read and heard seems to give even better effects for girls in bed.

For me as a guy it often gives a stronger stand. I feel that I can last longer as well. I also usually feel very “loving” at Phenibut. This in combination with the classic phenibut effects like being relaxed and getting high self-confidence boasts of really good sex .

Phenibut in Sweden?

Phenibut is not legal in Sweden, but it is not drug class either. However, it was legal until 2011 when it became drug-rated. Therefore, it is not possible to buy domestic in Sweden. But it is really good to buy from foreign sites, but there are not many and few of good quality. I have tested several different brands, including from Bulk Powders in UK and Biovea in the USA. But what I like most and can highly recommend is from Absorb Your Health in the United States.

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