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Legends of French Music: The Pathbreakers of a New World!

A French proverb beautifully describes the essence of music as where there is the melody; there can be love. French composition does a bit more and has given some legendary musicians who have the tremendous contribution in the field of music.

Here are some of the most beloved legends of French music-

  1. Charles Trenet

He was one of the most famous singers and songwriters of French music. He was a rebelian his way composing lyrics that spoke of truth and reality. His song “La Mer” is one of the best compositions to date in the history of French music and is widely used in many movies. “The Dreamers” and “Animal United” are two of the films that had used the song “La Mer” in its beautiful rendition.

  1. Matthieu Chedid

This French singer and songwriter is more popular with the stage name of -M- and is also a learned guitar player. Music runs in his genes as his father is another great French singer Louis Chedid and other family members like his grandfather and sister are also great names in the French music industry. His achievements include the 13 awards that have secured him a place in Victoires de la Musique.

  1. Raphael Haroche

The singer and songwriter from France is better known by his professional label Mononym. He is also an established actor and is also the ninth placeholder among “15 sexiest men” list of Elle magazine of June 2007. He has won many awards and accolades to his names like NRJ music awards and Victoiresde la Musique to name a few for his song “Caravane”.

  1. Christophe

The stage name of Christophe used by the French singer Daniel Bavilacquais popularly known for his first hit song “Aline”. Other of his hit songs include “Oh!…Mon Amour” which was composed both in French as well as in Italian. He was also very popular for his stage presence and live concerts. His live albums like Olympia and Intime are some of the greatest hits that he composed during his lifetime.

  1. Benjamin Biolay

The multi talented singer is also a songwriter, actor, musician along with an unbeaten record producer. He is famously known and loved for his low-key vocal style that has a striking similarity with that of Etienne Daho, another French pop star. He also has a significant contribution to French filmography and has worked in the hit films like Stella, Number One and The Easy Way Out.

  1. M. Pokora

Commonly known as Matt Pokora, his actual name is Matthieu Tota and is a famous face on television because of his role as a coach in the Voice Kids France. His solo career has a varied number of albums to his names like Player, MP3, M.E.D and the most recent My Way.

Music in France insubstantially involved with the components and culture of the nation and its people. The legends of French music have fantastic voice quality, vocal range recognition as well as massive popularity in not only France but worldwide.

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