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Know how to Brew At Home

brew at home

Nothing is needed before you begin brewing at home, except the LOVE for good bear!!

When you are all set to brew at home you will need minimal equipment and some ingredients to brew that tasty beer.

Brewing beer dates way back to the 5th century BC. Beer is the most consumed beverage in the world today and brewing at home has also come a long way. Now, it’s legal to brew at home because that quality of ingredients has become so good that anyone can make outstanding beer on their stove without having prior brewing experience.

brew at home

The brewing of beer at home gives great satisfaction and the real taste of beer can blow your mind. 

You can brew at home with the brewing kit or without the brewing kit. If you are not a beginner at brewing and can brew beer very well without the kit but if you are new at brewing beer at home and don’t have any idea about the process then you can opt for the brewing kit, as without the kit it involves a number of steps to prepare beer from scratch.

Some of the steps that are involved in making of beer :

  1. Cleaning
  2. Boiling of water
  3. Steeping of the grains
  4. Malting
  5. Addition hops and whirl floc
  6. Chilling
  7. Transferring of beer to storing bottles.
brew at home

If you go for a home brewing kit then it has all the ingredients required for making beer at home!

Brew starter kit is really helpful for beginners. Some of the equipment that comes in brewing kit are Yeast, fermenter, hops, sanitizer, barley extract, siphon, vinyl tubing, storing bottles, bottle caps, filler, and hydrometer, etc. , as different brew kit involves different equipment.

Now, it is easy to make your beer as per your preference and taste.

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