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How to Prevent STD

STD is becoming a major issue nowadays and the saddest part of all is that no one wants to talk about it. It is still considered as a taboo in certain corners or the world. Certainly, it is common when people are having unprotected sexual intercourse. And yet people have no idea how not to reach to a point where they have to get tested at labnearby.com, unless people are well aware of how to prevent the uncalled for.

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If there is to be a hundred percent safety against STDs then it demands a hundred percent elimination of sexual activities. Though only thing which can be in the middle way is well protected sexual intercourse. To be involved in a safer sexual activity there has to be involvement of condoms, dental dams, internal condoms etc. Using condoms for vaginal and anal intercourse and can be totally stress free from STD. Besides this there are other three ways we can help the cause and those would be:

  • Get Tested – There is no harm is getting tested or screened. Once you have had your check-up, it is all sorted. Never it would bother you about anything regarding STDs. But there are certain roadblocks like societal pressure and embarrassment fright which stops people from check-ups too. But the proper advice to that would be treat the STD tests are random routine check-ups.
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  • Talk with the partner – Know your partner and talk it out with him/her. There has to be total transparency, at least in the sexual relationship. Also, when you have better communication then only two people grow fond.
  • Less risky activities- Try the alternatives of being sexual like masturbation, cuddling etc which would definitely decrease the skin to skin contact and gives out pretty less chances to transmit any sort of disease.

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