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How to develop Choices Stories You Play Hacks


Choices Stories You Play is a simulation game where the user has to choose the best option among the various options available to him/her as per their will. There are levels in this game and in order to go up the levels faster, the user need something known as Choice keys and diamonds. These tools can be bought from the game store using real money or can be obtained for free using Choices Stories You Play Hack. Using this hack, the user can gain access to the tools which will further help him/her explore the full range of choices the game has to offer.

Development of the hack:

Choices Stories You Play Hack

This hack is available on both the platforms, iOS and Android. It was developed by the hacking team from gametrickstudio. The team performed a reskinning operation to rewrite the data using hashing operation when the beat version of the game was available. It involves complicated hash calculation, quite similar to how block chain system functions. The backend involves multiple variables and functions interacting with each other in order to perform the task smoothly. However, the team successfully managed to simplify the entire process in such a way that the front end is a user friendly interface with few inputs expected from the user to produce a meaningful output. After taking the input, the tool requires few minutes to produce the output. The team constantly checks for bot attacks as they are very common and can disrupt the experience of the user.

Reason for the rise in need:

The trend nowadays shows that such simulation games are on high rise. Due to this, even the developers are including in-game purchases such as this and advertisements. This is also justified given the hard work being put in developing such life like games by the developers. They deserve some credit for their hard work along with the recognition. Due to the uptick in the usage of such games, more and more users are purchasing such in-game tools to have a better gaming experience. This in turn gives rise to such hack tools which helps the user experience the same game without cashing out as much as before.

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