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French Songs Which Were a Hit Worldwide: An Era of Classics

“Where word fails music speaks.”


Music surely has no language and thus even if one is not accustomed to the language he can quickly grasp within the essence and beauty of a tune and its melody. Similarly, French music is not new to the world,and its songs have often swept the world off its feet with its alluring charm. Here are some of the greatest hits of French music off all time that has marked its presence into people’s mind worldwide-

Georges Brassens – Les copainsd’abord

The beautiful rendition was sung by Georges Brassens and is a hymn to cheer for friendship and love. This song was later translated in English with the title as “Buddies first of all” by Graeme Allwright

Jacques Brel – Ne me quitte pas

French singer Jacques Brel recorded the sad song written about break up after a heart-breaking separation with his wife,Suzanne Gabriello. This song was so popular that he had been remade into several of its studio versions into Dutch and English with the name “Do not leave me”.

Françoise Hardy – Tous Les garçons et Lesfiles

This was a pioneering albums made in France and circulated across abroad by singer Françoise Hardy. This talented singer conceptualized the song when she was a mere teenager of 13 years old. Later, it was translated into English as “All the boys and girls” and was soon appreciated by the young and old likewise.

Edith Piaf – La fouled

This song was penned by talented songwriter Michel Rivgauche and was composed by Angel Cabral. The song was a huge hit and was later versioned under the name of Amor de MisAmores. Although the French adaptation by Edith Piaf was more successful, the later versions were also quite hit in the music world.

Serge Gainsbourg/ Jane Birkin – Je t’aimemoinon-plus

A famous French song, both written and voiced by Serge Gainsbourg. Ithas two female vocals like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. It is also fondly known as the great love song that one can imagine and is also named as the title of a film that saw the composer and singer as the director of the film.


Edith Piaf – Non Jeneregretrein

The song was composed in 1956 and was penned by lyricist Michel Vaucaire along with the music of Charles Dumont. Not only in France, the singer of this heart-melting song Edith Piaf is a world-renowned singer holding the numero uno position in France, Belgium, Canada, and Netherlands. The song talks about the narrator’s life in past, present and all thosegood and unfortunate events which took place. Its English phrases go like- “No, nothing, nothing, I do not regret anything”.

French music has evolved from time to time,but legendary singers and their songs are here to stay forever. These songs talk about love, friendship, rejoice and sorrow, and are one to celebrate every aspect of life.

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