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Basic Skills for Beginner Guitarists Lead to Proficiency

The dream of playing the guitar in a band is one that many people have – the thought of being on stage is cool. Among the rock or acoustic stars today, many taught themselves to play the guitar. For those extra enthusiastic wannabes, buying guitar lessons will improve their guitar skills. Sadly, only a few can really make it to being a pro, because most of these people lose their eagerness once they master a few chords and don’t continue to learn and master their guitar playing skills.

To become a master on any instrument, it can take years – to just learn a few things will take days or even weeks. Even intermediate and very accomplished guitarists take time to learn a new song or a new technique. The truth is there are still some players who stepped beyond the beginner guitar basics without really even knowing these essentials in playing. Learning is an ongoing process and players need to stay updated on current techniques and styles. To do so you could follow a music blog or magazine or listen to music programs.

Three basic tips for beginner and professional guitarists include proper ways in holding a guitar, changing the strings, and tuning a guitar. A chair with no arm rests is best for playing guitar – this allows you to hold the guitar properly. Most beginners slouch toward the guitar, which should be corrected early on as this posture has no significance or whatsoever in the matters of making beautiful guitar music.

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Hold the guitar body perpendicular to the floor and the neck parallel to the floor – don’t angle the guitar body, keep it straight against your chest or stomach. The body of the guitar should rest comfortably on one of your legs, and the thickest string should be the topmost. If your strings are upside down – you might be holding the guitar upside down because you are left-handed. Left-handed persons need left-handed guitars. You can visit a guitar store for help in choosing or check out a music blog.

Guitar strings can break from wear or just from getting old – you will have to change strings to keep the tone sounding good. Caring for your guitar strings can affect their lifespan. You might want to clean the guitar neck while the strings are removed. How to string a guitar videos are available on music blogs to help with restringing or changing your guitar strings. These videos are basic and easy for beginner guitarists to understand.

When you have finally restrung your guitar, the next thing to do would be to tune it. Tuning can be necessary before and between playing songs, depending on how new the strings are. You should practice doing this often, because an off-tune guitar will not serve the purpose of creating good music. For tuning help, you could go to a guitar teacher or music store, use an electric device to help tune, or go online to get instructions. If neither choice is unavailable, there are a lot of online resources for you that could help you learn to tune your guitar in no time.

The numerous music blogs are fun and easy to find online. There are some good online guitar lessons to learn guitar or brush up what you know. Your musical genius can’t grow without some input such as guitar lessons, a guitar instructor or the inspiration to be gained from online communities. Music, after all, involves passion to grow, to flourish, and finally to transform into the rock star guitarist that you’ve dreamed of becoming.

4 Well-Known Songs Everyone Listens throughout the World!

When it comes to chart out the list of most popular songs worldwide, it can be a bit daunting. No, it’s not that YouTube has refused to reveal the information, but it’s the presence of hundreds of composition that tops the most heard song list. However, to shed some dazzling (read jazz-ling) light on this genre; here is a list of the most popular songs streamed universally.

  1. Despacito

No doubt you have shaken your body multiple times with the beats of “Despacito” – a Spanish song sung by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. It has broken records of all the other music videos in the YouTube history whose viewership crossed the mark of 4 billion. With such a massive number of audiences, it has undoubtedly snatched the throne of favorite music videos.

Sneak peek on the lyrics – This Spanish song with its seemingly incomprehensible lyrics has now been decoded! It conveys how a man seduces a woman by making slow and unhurried moves, and how he wants to express his love for his beloved.

  1. Gangnam style

Released in 2012, Gangnam style took a few months to take the crown of prominence. It’s futile to deny the song’s weirdness that makes it one of the most heard songs. Before Despacito this used to be the most popular K-pop song.

Sneak peek on the lyrics – You must have wondered what these lines means! Well, this South Korean song ridicules the utopia of the luxurious lifestyle that people dream of and chase, which turns out to be a mirage in a desert. Interesting, huh?

  1. See you again

This English song by Wiz Khalifa is another popular one that topped the list. It was released in 2015,and soon it gained momentum. Its soothing music comprises one of the vital factors for its acceptance.

Sneak peek on the lyrics – This song was composed in the memory of the great actor Paul Walker’s untimely death. No wonder, his death came as an unexpected shock to his fans. And when this song came out, all the admirers of the Fast and Furious star were overwhelmed.

  1. Sorry

Though some readers might cringe at the very mention of his name, yet this song by Justin Bieber once came under immense popularity. It has a viewership of 2.5 billion,and it ruled quite a significant number of people’s heart!

Sneak peek on the lyrics – This pop song’s lyrics tell that apologizing to a woman is exciting and fun. At the same time, you should move on with your life.

Now, as you have seen, singles from albums are significant hits nowadays. Moreover, videos comprise a momentous aspect of the entire presentation and thus trigger the overall viewership. However, it is quite a difficult task to sort all the significant songs out.

But can you tell what this list aims to mirror? It reflects the taste of an entire generation, the playlist of the millennial and of course what it feels like to live in the 21st century.