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4 Well-Known Songs Everyone Listens throughout the World!

When it comes to chart out the list of most popular songs worldwide, it can be a bit daunting. No, it’s not that YouTube has refused to reveal the information, but it’s the presence of hundreds of composition that tops the most heard song list. However, to shed some dazzling (read jazz-ling) light on this genre; here is a list of the most popular songs streamed universally.

  1. Despacito

No doubt you have shaken your body multiple times with the beats of “Despacito” – a Spanish song sung by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. It has broken records of all the other music videos in the YouTube history whose viewership crossed the mark of 4 billion. With such a massive number of audiences, it has undoubtedly snatched the throne of favorite music videos.

Sneak peek on the lyrics – This Spanish song with its seemingly incomprehensible lyrics has now been decoded! It conveys how a man seduces a woman by making slow and unhurried moves, and how he wants to express his love for his beloved.

  1. Gangnam style

Released in 2012, Gangnam style took a few months to take the crown of prominence. It’s futile to deny the song’s weirdness that makes it one of the most heard songs. Before Despacito this used to be the most popular K-pop song.

Sneak peek on the lyrics – You must have wondered what these lines means! Well, this South Korean song ridicules the utopia of the luxurious lifestyle that people dream of and chase, which turns out to be a mirage in a desert. Interesting, huh?

  1. See you again

This English song by Wiz Khalifa is another popular one that topped the list. It was released in 2015,and soon it gained momentum. Its soothing music comprises one of the vital factors for its acceptance.

Sneak peek on the lyrics – This song was composed in the memory of the great actor Paul Walker’s untimely death. No wonder, his death came as an unexpected shock to his fans. And when this song came out, all the admirers of the Fast and Furious star were overwhelmed.

  1. Sorry

Though some readers might cringe at the very mention of his name, yet this song by Justin Bieber once came under immense popularity. It has a viewership of 2.5 billion,and it ruled quite a significant number of people’s heart!

Sneak peek on the lyrics – This pop song’s lyrics tell that apologizing to a woman is exciting and fun. At the same time, you should move on with your life.

Now, as you have seen, singles from albums are significant hits nowadays. Moreover, videos comprise a momentous aspect of the entire presentation and thus trigger the overall viewership. However, it is quite a difficult task to sort all the significant songs out.

But can you tell what this list aims to mirror? It reflects the taste of an entire generation, the playlist of the millennial and of course what it feels like to live in the 21st century.

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